Crime Prevention Officers are central to the implementation of Raid-control™. They inspect premises to Raid-control™ standards and, if successful, award Police Certification. Raid-control™ is designed to be cost and time effective, and been proven to significantly reduce commercial crime.

The initiative consists of five compulsory elements to achieve Raid-control™ status, these are:

  • Robbery awareness training
  • Cash minimisation products
  • Time delay systems
  • Image capture systems (cameras)
  • Indelible staining and note marking equipment

The initiative was first successfully introduced in the London Borough of Croydon in 2002 in 19 pharmacies who had between them suffered eight violent attacks in June 2002. Since Raid-control™ was installed there has been only one robbery on these premises, representing a reduction of 88%.

A full trial of Raid-control™ then followed in the Greater Manchester Police area, with Stockport having the greatest concentration of premises installed to date. A study showed that 41 retailers in Stockport suffered 67 robberies between them in the 12 months before Raid-control™ was installed. Since installation there have been only nine, representing a reduction of 87%.

Raid-control™ has also been adopted by The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) as a strand of their gun crime strategy throughout the Force, and has been recognised as a best practice standard for reducing commercial robbery in the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Gun Crime Preventative Manual.

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