Smokenote™ with Tracer-dot™

Render cash traceable

Smokenote™Smokenote™ Systems with Tracer-dots™ render the contents spoils of a raid traceable to the criminal, while attracting the attention of witnesses.

Smokenote™ systems are the ultimate proven raid deterrent and are employed by the majority of Europe’s financial institutions and retail chains.

There are now three systems available offering maximum flexibility for loss prevention and security teams:

  • SAS (Secure Area System) - permanent installation offering ongoing protection for high risk branches
  • RDS (Rapid Deployment System) - temporary/permanent installation able to be carried out by inhouse security teams offering fast reaction protection for at risk branches
  • Express - standalone dye pack system able to be installed by inhouse security teams suitable for up to 2 till branch deployments

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  • Stains stolen money rendering it traceable to individual incidents
  • Attracts witnesses’ attention with highly visible red smoke
  • Unique identifier provides evidence from stained notes and clothing
  • Reduces down-stream raid rates
  • Also available - Smokepack Express for cigarette gantry protection