News 2009

Raid-control expands to protect cigarette gantries

  Dedication to crime prevention rewarded  

16 November 2009

Raid-control – the national crime prevention initiative - has expanded its robbery deterrent package to include the protection of tobacco products within cigarette gantries in response to a new crime trend that retailers are experiencing.

Criminals are targeting the cigarette gantries within several convenience store chains and demand that the person behind the counter hands over the cigarettes. In some cases the raiders jump the counters and sweep the cigarettes into bin bags before escaping with their haul.

John Birkenshaw, Raid-control chairman, comments: "Raid-control is pleased to have been given the opportunity to help prevent these crimes. When we were approached we decided that the 'stolen cash traceable' element of our package should be widened to include the protection of cigarette gantries. In co-operation with one of our member companies, we developed the existing covert till production system that is currently used to protect cash, to provide an effective way of tackling this rising crime against cigarette gantries."

"The smoke and dye system forms the fifth pillar of the Raid-control toolkit and works by rendering the stolen cigarettes worthless to the extent that there is no gain to the criminal. The system was first trialled in six convenience stores across the country and proved to be a success."

"Since installing the Raid-control system there have been no reported cases where cigarettes have been stolen. The signage is clearly doing its job and deterring criminals from stealing the cigarettes and we hope that this will remain the case."

For more information on IBP's cigarette protection system visit our Smokepack Express page, email or call +44 (0) 1428 641399