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IBP Focus on Robbery™ Symposium 2009 Applauded

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01 October 2009

The IBP-Group held its 8th Focus on Robbery™ Symposium in September 2009 at which delegates applauded the event as one of the best national security conferences they had attended.

The Symposium this year focused on the impact of the credit crunch and included presentations with the focus on Crime in Crisis. These included case studies and presentations from experts in their field from the retail, cash-in-transit, ATM banking and the Police.

Twelve first-rate guest speakers presented at the Symposium including Steven Gauge, former Chief Executive Suzy Lamplugh Trust, who delivered a fascinating presentation on protecting people. Peter Camilletti, security advisor for Total Oil and a non practising lawyer revealed the issues of The Corporate Manslaughter & Homicide ACT 2007 and key points on how it could affect all organisations, Tim White Head of security for Tescos helped us understand how a large organisation tackles crime on its ATM estate and John Birkenshaw, Crime Reduction Manager, Safer Leeds explained Creating Safer Environments and Improving Lives by Reducing the Harm Caused by Substance Misuse, Supporting Victims and Reducing the risk of victimisation, Reducing and Managing Offending Behaviour, Improving Community Confidence and Public Satisfaction

In addition, and for the first time at the Symposium, delegates were offered the opportunity to participate in a Corporate Manslaughter table top exercise led by Dale Bradley, Group Health and Safety Advisor, Bradley & Bingley. All the attendees were very impressed with the exercise and found it very informing.

Opening the two-day event, Symposium chair Richard Childs QPM, former Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable and managing director ACPO CPI, welcomed the delegates. He particularly welcomed the new Managing Director of IBP, Len Clay and the Chief Executive Will Hirons of Sure-track Monitoring Group PLC the new owners of IBP Ltd.

Over 100 delegates attended this annual conference with senior representatives from major supermarkets, High Street banks, building societies, independent ATM deplorers, retail and the cash in transit industry.

The Symposium dealt with six main Focus topics, European Standards, Crime case studies, Cash Valuables In Transit Crime, Corporate Manslaughter, Raid Control and ATM Crime.

Digby Ram, Director of Sure-Track Monitoring Group and convenor for the European Standards working group on Cash Degradations gave us a progress update on the imminent Active Work Item, the key stages in developing and Active Work Item into a European Standard, potential implications for the CViT industry and how we can participate.

Other speakers included John Pearse, Director Forensic Navigation Services, who spoke about Assessing Credibility where he showed some interesting videos on determining lying. All the delegates found it extremely enlightening. Graham Sunderland, QPM, former Assistant Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary & Direct EPIC, spoke about emergency planning and true partnerships concluding that we need to develop a holistic approach to planning, Emergency Planners tend to view incidents as accidents, Investigators tend to view incidents as deliberate and there is a need to merge expertise from both legacies.

Robert Barr, Crime Reduction Advisor, Greater Manchester Police, explained the initiatives crime reduction advisors are taking in Manchester and how crime prevention is perceived from a CRO point of view.  Adam Miller, Director of Risk, G4S Cash Services, asked the Question, CVIT Crime, Can it be defeated? He brought up some interesting questions and provided a lot to think about.  Alan Townsend President of Raid Control Trust gave us an insight into the Launch of Raid Control for Multiples, the principles which will give Increased Raid-control premises, a wider UK application of the initiative, reduced violent crime, protecting more people and improving detection of offenders

Richard Childs, Managing Director ACPO CPI presented ACPO CPI with their vision to reduce crime and the fear of crime by development, application and promotion of the principles of Secured By Design. ACPO CPI supported Raid Control for multiples and the equipment deployed in the initiative.  Also supporting this theme Linda Reakes Loss Prevention Services Controller, East of England Co-operative Society explained how the East Of England Co-Operative have trialled Raid Control For Multiples, she highlighted impressive achievements with Raid Control helping an 85% reduction in robbery and better protection for staff and customers safety.

During the annual dinner that followed day one of the Symposium, the delegates raised £225 in support of the work of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which was gratefully received by Steven Gauge.

In concluding the symposium, Richard Childs commented: “Again this has been one of the very best security conferences I have had the privilege to chair. The sheer quality of the agenda and speakers this year has been outstanding, plus the delegates have made an enormous contribution in the overall debates.”

Richard Childs QPM – a short biography:

Richard spent 30 years as a police officer and from 1998 to 2003 was chief constable of Lincolnshire Police. He was the national lead for the police service on police 'visibility' and 'reassurance', neighbourhood wardens, community support officers and their accreditation, the private security industry, and was an advisor on these issues to the Home Office and the Security Industry Authority.

Richard is part-time managing director of ACPO CPI Ltd, part-time chief executive of the Joint Security Industry Council, and is a director of the Security Industry Training Organisation. This is Richard’s sixth consecutive year as chair of the IBP Focus on Robbery Symposium, an event he relishes and has helped develop.

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