News Archive 2009

IBP and Sure-track Monitoring Join Forces

01 June 2009

IBP, specialists in robbery and serious crime solutions since 1992  have been recently acquired by Sure-track Monitoring Plc, one of the leading providers of asset tracking systems. The merging of the two operations means that the group is now able to offer a service that not only focuses on the reduction of crime but also has access to technologies that facilitate the recovery of the assets.

Established in 2002 Sure-track Europe have over 7 years experience within the tracking market, providing security tracking and recovery services for moveable high value assets, such as construction equipment and high value vehicles. With over 2000 connections across the UK, the Sure-track ‘best value’ service proposition enables clients to economically roll-out Sure-track MT2 installations across their high value fleets with the assurance of a high rate of recovery.  Sure-track Logo


Excavator Recovered in Malaga     

Sure-track’s control room and finder team facilitates the recovery of several assets each week. A recent recovery involved an excavator, belonging to a major plant hire company, protected with the Sure-track asset tracking device. Once indicated as stolen to the Sure-track control room, the unit was remotely switched into alarm state and one of Sure-track’s highly trained finders was despatched. Despite a thorough scan of the area, he was unable to locate a signal and shortly afterwards all contact with the tracker was lost. Then, nine days later, a signal was received showing its location to be on the outskirts of Malaga in Spain. The Sure-track finder was immediately despatched and, guided by the Control Room, located the excavator near an orange grove. After liaising with both the local Police and the client the excavator was successfully recovered back to the UK.

DS Richard Ball, of the Metropolitan Police Stolen Vehicle Unit stated, “After liaising with Sure-track with regard to the stolen excavator and establishing that it had been tracked via their fitted asset recovery device to the south coast of Spain, I assisted the company's efforts by searching the Police National Computer for any intelligence which might hold some relevance to the recent theft. Sure-track updated me continuously and informed me of the success of the asset's recovery. A number of people were arrested and the stolen machine was returned to its UK owners.”

IBP’s Sure-track RDT™ miniature dual technology tracking

The purchase by Sure-track of IBP has also enabled a service and technological merger resulting in the development of a dual technology tracking system.  The assurance of high find rates, added to the service provided by Sure-track’s highly trained recovery team, assists police in locating and recovering the assets.

IBP’s tracking system, Sure-track RDT™ (Reactive Dormant Technology) is a miniature tracking device designed to remain dormant for up to 3 years. The compact size means it can easily be concealed within a bundle of banknotes for use in cash protection applications or in ATMs and cash in transit boxes.

Designed to sense when it is stolen, it can be made ‘live’ by the use of VLF transmitters, Motion detection or Liquid dye sensors that sense activation of cash degradation systems. Alternatively it can be woken remotely by Sure-track’s control room.

Through a secure internet connection, clients, Police and alarm receiving centres can monitor the live progress of the target and access a client-retrievable database of historical positions and times. To save battery power, frequency of positioning can be custom-programmed, enabling a wide range of applications.

In order to recover the asset, a transceiver enables personnel to home in on the device for close-in position identification. An optional smoke-dye unit can also be installed and deployed remotely to help disrupt and identify the exact location.

For more information on our minature tracking systems visit the Sure-track RDT area of this site, email or call +44 (0)1428 641399.