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2008 Focus on Robbery™ Partnership Symposium Success

01 October 2008

The IBP-Group held its 7th Focus on Robbery™ Symposium in September 2008 at which delegates applauded the event as one of the best national security conferences they had attended.

This years Symposium included case studies from experts in their field from the retail, cash-in-transit, ATM, banking and academic worlds and presentations from the European Standards Working Group, British Security Industry Association, the Met Police and European Security Transport Association on current cash & valuables in transit issues.

Eleven first-rate guest speakers presented at the Symposium including Steven Gauge, Chief Executive Suzy Lamplugh Trust, who delivered a fascinating presentation on lone worker protection and raised many philosophical issues in relation to how society deals with offenders.  Tony Benson, Director of Risk Loomis UK, who revealed the European CViT perspective on the future of dye-staining cash degradation systems in favour of bonding technology and John Hamilton, Group Security Director Bradford & Bingley, who explained the conflicting demands of a post robbery response experienced by organisations.

Steven Gauge

Steven Gauge, Chief Executive Suzy Lamplugh Trust

In addition, and for the first time at the Symposium, delegates were offered the opportunity to participate in a Tiger Kidnap table top exercise led by David Ryan, one of the UK’s leading specialists on the subject.

Opening the two-day event, Symposium chair Richard Childs QPM, former Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable and managing director ACPO CPI, welcomed the delegates.  He particularly welcomed Assistant Chief Constable Graham Sunderland, Cumbria Constabulary, on his second visit to the conference and thanked him for agreeing to comment as a UK chief officer on the various topics to be discussed.

Over 100 delegates attended this annual conference with senior representatives from major supermarkets, High Street banks, independent ATM deployers, retail and the cash in transit industry.

The Symposium dealt with three main themes of research: a series of case studies highlighting the use of innovative security measures, cash-in-transit robberies and Tiger Kidnaps, during which delegates were treated to a series of first class presentations from the speakers.

Digby Ram, Managing Director of IBP Group, who updated delegates on the European Standards Working Group on cash degradation said: “In the modern world it is essential that the security industry works in total co-operation with its partners in exploring policies and measures that tackle violent crime.  Bringing together so many experienced practitioners to discuss these issues can only be good for society and business.”

Digby Ram

Digby Ram, Managing Director IBP-Group

Other speakers included Martin McInerney, William Hill Organisation, who detailed how his security team had reduced violent robberies within the organisation with the use of digital CCTV, Dale Bradley, Bradford & Bingley, who complimented John Hamilton’s presentation by outlining the Health & Safety requirements when providing a post robbery response, Tim Ramm, Regional Risk Director G4S, who outlined the recent introduction of unique taggants in cash degradation systems, Graham Seaby, Bank Machine, who outlined the use of fogging systems to reduce ATM burglary, Dick Hanks, BSIA, who discussed current CViT robberies and recent reductions, and Danny Gosling, Met Police Operation Vanguard, who updated delegates on the successes of this London based CViT robbery initiative.

The two Tiger Kidnap table top exercises were an outstanding success.  In summarising the feedback from the delegates, David Ryan said he was impressed with the underlying knowledge of the delegates on this important subject and hoped these exercises had concentrated the mind on the key aspects of managing such an incident.

The outputs from the symposium will form part of the ongoing research being conducted by the Focus on Robbery™ Partnership led by IBP-Group in conjunction with the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at Portsmouth University, the BSIA, financial institutions, industry and the police.  The aim of the partnership is to harness expertise from every discipline that has an interest in understanding the reasons for criminal behaviour, analysing the effectiveness of current reduction measures and reducing violent crime.

During the annual dinner that followed day one of the Symposium, the delegates raised £400.00 in support of the work of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which was gratefully received by Steven Gauge.

In concluding the symposium, Richard Childs commented: “This has been one of the very best security conferences I have had the privilege to chair.  The sheer quality of the agenda and speakers has been outstanding, plus the delegates have made an enormous contribution in the overall debate.”

2008 Focus on Robbery™ Partnership Symposium