IBP Ltd – Serious Crime Solutions

Operating from Liss, Hampshire, the IBP team has been working with clients to reduce their security risks since 1992.

We work closely with major Financial Institutions, Retailers and leading Cash-in-Transit Companies in co-operation with the police to achieve a target reduction in raids and other crimes in hot-spot areas over agreed time periods. We are also suppliers to the Police Crime Prevention Initiative Raid-control™, focusing on deterring and foiling robberies at independent retailers. We offer purchase or short and long term rental packages to match clients’ expectations.

In addition to IBP's products and on-site training, a proven mix of awareness posters and PR comprise an integral part of the formula which achieves the desired crime reductions. Clients are supported by IBP to implement their deterrent policies, in order to help maximise the return on their security investment.

Two major crime prevention initiatives, Banknote Watch™ and Raid-control™ were conceived by IBP’s former Managing Director Digby Ram and donated without charge to assist in national and international crime prevention.

IBP has bespoke automated roll-out control and administration systems which provide real-time control of roll-out progress.

IBP is an ISO 9001:2008 quality certified company and member of the BSIA Cash and Property Marking Section. In February 2007 the IBP team was awarded a Metropolitan Police Service Commendation for “continued support of the MPS Flying Squad in respect to crime reduction initiatives, in particular Rapid Reaction Smoke Packs, Banknote Watch™ and Raid-control™.”

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